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Wherever your adventures take you, enjoy the creature comforts of warm water, for washing up or a quick wash down.

Pundmann water heaters provide hot water on the go. Pundmann water heaters are designed for off road, on the road and off shore adventure. Perfect for boats, campervans, motorhomes , caravans, mountain top cabins, sandy shored beach huts, long distance lorry drivers, even the shed at the end of your garden.

The stainless-steel water tanks are all fully insulated, water is heated to 65°-70°C in around an hour.  We recommend you install a thermostatically controlled mixer tap to dispense your water at a safe 40°- 45°C allowing even a modest tank of warmed water to go a long way. Water can be heating up whilst you’re underway and with the benefits of solar or wind charging of your 12v battery warm water can keep on flowing.

The Pundmann range of water heaters are built so that you can stay wild, in off grid creature comfort.  Additionally, the mobile boilers from PUNDMANN Therm, in combination with the parking heaters from autoterm, are the ideal way to equip campers, boats and other vehicles with hot water.

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