PUNDMANN Water Heaters

Limited Warranty

The Kartt range of products is known for its quality and reliability. We are committed to ensuring our customers can use our products with confidence.

It is essential that each of our products is used in accordance with its limitations. Please familiarise yourself fully with the operating instructions and guidelines and ensure you wear appropriate safety equipment for your protection.

Kartt shall not be responsible or liable for any indirect or consequential damages including but not limited to any loss of use and downtime as well as any profit accrued from such loss.

36-month Warranty

  • The Kartt range of Pundmann water heaters is supplied with a 36-month limited warranty
  • The warranty applies to the original buyer of the equipment
  • It is subject to the products having been correctly installed by an approved installer
  • The water heater must be used in line with the operating guidelines, with a reliable power supply and not have been subject to inappropriate applications.

This warranty excludes:

  • Cosmetic defects such as paint, decals, etc.
  • Failures due to acts of God and other force majeure events beyond the manufacturer’s control
  • Problems caused by parts that are not original part
  • Alteration or modification(s) made by any party other than the manufacturer
  • Any electrical cables & wireless remote systems
  • Any third party equipment

Terms of Warranty

Kartt will offer to repair or replace any parts which Kartt finds to be defective.

Kartt will repair or replace with a similar item, of a similar age and does not offer a new for old warranty

The warranty does not cover shipping costs or labour costs incurred by the warranted party.